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Places to go, things to do…


From the day I arrived in Panama City, I wondered how I would spend my free time.  Throughout my week here, I discovered many activities and certain places people of Panama choose to do and places they visit in their free time.


Brandon, a 26-year-old waiter at a small hotel located in Tobago said he spent most of his free time in a boxing ring or playing soccer.   In addition, he also enjoyed going to the local national parks like Parque Mar and Parque Natural Metropolitano and going to Calle Uraguay, a strip of where numerous bars and clubs are located.


In addition, an older Panamanian man from the Panama Viejo Visitor’s Center suggested visiting Bocas del Toro since is one of the most beautiful places one can see throughout the entire country of Panama.  People within Panama City however are more likely to go to local beaches such as Taboga Beach to spend the day with their family and friends having barbeques, soaking up the sun and swimming in the Pacific Ocean.


The man also gave me a directory of all the visitor’s centers and museums located in Panama.  The Panama Canal is one of the most important and interesting places to see in the country.  Since the Panamanians took over the canal in 1999 from the United States, the canal tremendously helps the country’s economy as a whole.


Throughout our many cab rides and our adventures in Panama, we have discovered many places to go and things to do.  The Albrook shopping mall located in Panama City is a place where families go and spend the day since there is a variety of stores, many places to eat, and entertainment such as live performances and a carousel for children to ride on.  In addition, the malls are one of the few places people within the city of Panama are able to enjoy traditional Panamanian food.


Another place in Panama City where the local spend their free time is Zona Viva, an area filled with many different clubs and bars, similar to Calle Uruguay.  It is a very enjoyable and safe place to go out because of the amount of policemen around.  All the clubs and bars play a wide selection of music, from Reggaeton and other Spanish music to Hip Hop and House music.  In addition, Zona Viva holds many live performances of many popular singers and/or dancers, which only adds to your overall Panama experience.


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