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A Little Social Studies Lesson about Panama


The economic and political aspects are important to know in order to understand why people in Panama act and think the way they do. I had the privilege of talking to different people who explained the different aspects of society. I learned a lot from observing the culture, but also from talking to many individuals about their personal experiences.

One day, earlier on our trip, we met this man Evan Claire. He grew up in Panama, but studied in the United States for college. He began to talk to us, Click here to continue reading!


Fiesta Time in Panama

-Christina Zontini

Throughout the world, celebrations are held to recognize different events and treasure important and special moments. Every culture has different ways of celebrating and remembering these events. Although there are many different celebrations throughout the year in Panama, I want to focus on the ones that I experienced while I was here.

The first celebration, that I was a part of, was a birthday party for one of the girls in my class. I have experienced many birthday parties throughout my school years, but never a birthday celebration like this. The teacher and the students were preparing for it for days. Obviously the student, Mariana, was extremely excited. I had talked to her about the upcoming party and what to expect. She would not tell me much because she wanted it to be a surprise. The only thing she did tell me was that there would be enough food for everyone. After hearing that I was pretty excited myself!

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Panama: Home of One of the 7 Wonders of the Industrial World


The Panama Canal is one of the most impressive and fascinating structures I have ever seen. The engineering and mechanics of the canal baffles me! The canal serves many purposes, tourism being just one of them. The most important and primary function of the canal is that it provides a passageway between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans.

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The Panama Canal has a long extensive history, which makes it even more interesting. I love the fact that the citizens of Panama are so well versed in the history of the canal and the small details that make the story great. After talking to tour guides, students from the University, and faculty from the University, I was able to piece the history together with great detail. Each person has a new and different piece of information to add.

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The Education System…¡Qué interestante!


Why is education so important? Well, in my opinion education is the system that shapes and creates futures for every society. Children are sent to school to learn to prepare them for the life and a future. I would say education is pretty important and vital for every society. For this past week, I have learned about the education system in Panama, while comparing it to the system we have in place in the United States.

Overall, the education system is Click here to continue reading!