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Economics in Panama


This week I decided to focus on the economy of Panama.  During the week I interviewed and asked some Panamanians questions on the country’s economic status and on topics related to its economy.  Throughout my time in Panama, I have learned many interesting things.

Panama is an up and coming country that has a rapidly developing economy.  One can realize this information in just minutes of viewing the city of Panama since half the skyscrapers in the city are all under construction.  Click here to continue reading!


Diverse Population in Panama


Panama is very diverse place and the term, Panamanian, I have figured out is very broad and represents many different ethnic groups.  This week, I have talked to Panama natives on the subject of ethnic groups in Panama and I have also compiled researched on my own to add to my topic. 

Refer to the map of Panama: 

Raul, an older man I met in Colon, Click here to continue reading!

Food, Music and Celebrations in Panamá


In Panama, you can come across McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Dunkin Donuts and other very Americanized cuisines.  However, if you look closely, you can discover true Panamanian cuisines within the malls, school cafeterias and a few other places like Niko’s Café.  Foods such as tostones (fried plantains) fish, shrimp, white rice, fried and grilled chicken, meat empanadas, churros, and fruit such as pineapples, bananas, apples and melons, are all very common foods to encounter at any Panamanian restaurant.  Below is a picture of the meal we received Click here to continue reading!

Places to go, things to do…


From the day I arrived in Panama City, I wondered how I would spend my free time.  Throughout my week here, I discovered many activities and certain places people of Panama choose to do and places they visit in their free time.


Brandon, a 26-year-old waiter at a small hotel located in Tobago Click here to continue reading!