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Final Thoughts On a Timeless Experience

-Liv Alvarado

The cabin air began to blow and the engines fired up.  The pressure changed as the wheels of the aircraft left the earth in Panama.  As the wheels left the ground, I could feel my heart sinking as the sensation of weightlessness took over, as it does every time I plane takes off.  The higher the plane rose, I could feel my heart sinking lower and lower.  I could feel the lagrimas (tears) welling in my eyes as I watched the banana trees and palms  grow smaller and smaller.

My plane

It felt as though my heart were left there to roast in the hot sun on the tarmac of the flight line.  “How is my life ever going to be the same?” Click here to continue reading!


My Adventure At The Doctor’s

-Liv Alvarado

While on my trip to the Islands on Sunday, I was sleeping and dreaming peacefully in the sanctuary of my hammock.  Or so I thought.  I was abruptly wakened my sweet slumber by the sting of a wretched insect on my upper thigh.  I went from a blissful slumber to an agonizing and shocking pain in my left leg.  WOW!  From the heavenly dulcet dream world into a world of  throbbing and aching, that no one should ever have to know on a “deserted” island of tranquility in Panama.

After regaining my senses from being so rudely interrupted, I managed to refocus my eyes and locate the stinger still lodged within my thigh.  Using the best tweezing ability that I could muster with my finger nails, I “Ramboed” myself a cure Click here to continue reading!

Determination and Work Ethic

-Liv Alvarado

Each day I try to pick a topic of interest about an experience or something cultural that has really jumped out at me.  After this weekend and the few days preceding, it was like a flood of inspiration washed over me.  The only problem now is to pick just one of the topics and write about it.  Every morning I am up by 7am, cook my breakfast and write my blogs. I sit outside in the front of the hostel and watch as the people walk by going to and from work or school. Sometimes as they pass they say “Hola.” (hello) or “Buenas.”  (Short for good day).  Click here to continue reading!

What Does “In a Hurry” Mean?

-Liv Alvarado

The venom of the Panamanian lifestyle has finally saturated my veins and I have begun to relax for the first time in years.  Not just the relaxation that you feel after an afternoon in the backyard or at the salon. No.  This type of relaxation comes from a lifestyle that can only be found here.  No one is on time.  People run at their own pace and if you are early, you get strange looks.  Click here to continue reading!

Weekends in Boquete

Although small, Boquete has much to offer for weekend activities.  Adventures from rafting,  hiking volcanoes to deep sea fishing exist for the brave at heart and for those less adventurous there is much to do locally, coffee tours, local restaurants with amazing food and wine.  If you are unsure what you would like to do, Click here to continue reading!



-Liv Alvarado

The Panamanian flag waves at one end of the school yard as the children play a game of volleyball and the clouds roll by just over head. Some of the children are in the PE clothes while others are still in their navy and light blue uniforms.  “Dale! Dale! Dale!” “Hit it! Hit it! Hit it!” cries one of the boys and the girl serving tries her hardest to hit the ball up and over the net.  The referee,who is also the math teacher Click here to continue reading!

How to Get to Town:

How to Get to Town:

-Liv Alvarado

Traveling from point A to point B here in Boquete is relatively simple, so long as you have a brave and adventurous spirit.  You see, in the US we are accustomed to regular bus stops, bus schedules, taxis with posted fees etc… However, it is quite different in this neck of the woods.

To get to school everyday I leave an hour early.  This is normal by US standards, but here when I tell them that I leave so early the locals look at me like I am crazy.  Click here to continue reading