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A Little Social Studies Lesson about Panama


The economic and political aspects are important to know in order to understand why people in Panama act and think the way they do. I had the privilege of talking to different people who explained the different aspects of society. I learned a lot from observing the culture, but also from talking to many individuals about their personal experiences.

One day, earlier on our trip, we met this man Evan Claire. He grew up in Panama, but studied in the United States for college. He began to talk to us, Click here to continue reading!


Economics in Panama


This week I decided to focus on the economy of Panama.  During the week I interviewed and asked some Panamanians questions on the country’s economic status and on topics related to its economy.  Throughout my time in Panama, I have learned many interesting things.

Panama is an up and coming country that has a rapidly developing economy.  One can realize this information in just minutes of viewing the city of Panama since half the skyscrapers in the city are all under construction.  Click here to continue reading!

The Panama Canal!

One of the 7 Wonders of the Industrial World: The Panamá Canal

While living and working in Panamá I visited one of the 7 Wonders of the Industrial World. There is an immense amount of history about the Canal. The Panama Canal connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
I am impressed with how every Panamanian knows the history of the Canal. They are up to date with the resources, use of the Canal, the history and the international relations.
On my second day in Panamá, I went to see the Canal at the Miraflores Locks. Click here to continue reading!

Tiempo Libre in Panama

-Lauren Kalbfell

The last blog entry of my trip will explore what Panamanians do in their free time, tiempo libre. At our time here at UDELAS, we were put in placements that were associated with our fields of study, so I was placed observing sessions in the speech pathology/audiology clinic. We were in those placements daily from 7:30am (had to be on the road by 6 to accommodate all the traffic- and for anyone who knows me, they know that I thought waking up at 5:00am was foul) until 12:00pm. We ate lunch on our own and had tiempo libre the rest of the evening most days. So we found out a thing or two about tiempo libre in our time in Panama.

In Panama City, the workday usually goes till 5 or later. Click here to continue reading!

Final Thoughts On a Timeless Experience

-Liv Alvarado

The cabin air began to blow and the engines fired up.  The pressure changed as the wheels of the aircraft left the earth in Panama.  As the wheels left the ground, I could feel my heart sinking as the sensation of weightlessness took over, as it does every time I plane takes off.  The higher the plane rose, I could feel my heart sinking lower and lower.  I could feel the lagrimas (tears) welling in my eyes as I watched the banana trees and palms  grow smaller and smaller.

My plane

It felt as though my heart were left there to roast in the hot sun on the tarmac of the flight line.  “How is my life ever going to be the same?” Click here to continue reading!


-Claire Ziamandanis

Safe travels home to all of you wonderful researchers!  Thank you for sharing your discoveries for us at home.

Diverse Population in Panama


Panama is very diverse place and the term, Panamanian, I have figured out is very broad and represents many different ethnic groups.  This week, I have talked to Panama natives on the subject of ethnic groups in Panama and I have also compiled researched on my own to add to my topic. 

Refer to the map of Panama: 

Raul, an older man I met in Colon, Click here to continue reading!